SCP-2901 - Человек-мотылёк

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Изображения SCP-2901, изъятые из кабинета агента ██████ в Исследовательской Зоне 45. [нажмите на изображении для увеличения]

Объект №: SCP-2901

Класс объекта: Евклид

Особые условия содержания: Методов физического содержания особей SCP-2901 на данный момент не существует, в связи с наличием у них экстрамерных свойств. Все дела, связанные с SCP-2901, необходимо передавать в ведение МОГ Фи-5 ("Сумеречники") с целью проведения дальнейшего расследования.

Civilian sightings of SCP-2901 will be suppressed using amnestic field applications. Media leaks regarding SCP-2901 will be deleted or discredited by the Information Detraction, Censorship, and Rescission Division (IDCaRD).

Field personnel should avoid SCP-2901 if at all possible. Those authorized to investigate SCP-2901 must carry mobile devices capable of short message services (SMS) in case of sudden acoustic cancellation. If a hostile encounter is unavoidable, personnel should adhere to the following steps:

  1. Do not attempt to run. Fleeing may provoke SCP-2901 to give chase.
  2. Hold your ground. Be sure to make eye contact.
  3. Make a threat display. Use clothing to imitate an increase in body mass.
  4. Continue Step 3 until SCP-2901 becomes disinterested and submits.
  5. Avoid physical contact if at all possible.1,2. Wield or throw objects to maintain distance.

Описание: SCP-2901 are a species of nocturnal carnivorous scavengers of limited intelligence; averaging 1.7m in height. SCP-2901 usually appear as having an ellipsoid shape and possess 2 large eyes layered with photophoric tissue. SCP-2901 are covered in a layer of minute iridescent lamellar scales, similar to Lepidopterans3. SCP-2901 are able to move through space-time freely, granting them certain abilities such as levitation, flight, and teleportation. SCP-2901 are, however, tangible and susceptible to conventional firearms. SCP-2901 are also able to emit an acoustic cancellation effect within a radius of approximately 25m. The purpose or function of this ability is not wholly understood but is theorized to aid in stealth.

Several methods of containment and/or deterrents are still being considered. However, because of the elusiveness of SCP-2901, a large majority of the general public are aware of related incidents and possibly even the existence of SCP-2901. Counter-measures are in place as a temporary solution for protecting information on SCP-2901.

The first official documented incursion of SCP-2901 was near the town of █████ ████████, WV, USA in 19██, followed by the collapse of [REDACTED]. Since then, continuing field observations have concluded that SCP-2901 are an aggressively territorial and solitary species. SCP-2901 normally do not engage or reveal themselves openly to humans, and will often retreat or vanish if discovered.

Further observations suggests that SCP-2901 are able to approximate the time and location of future disasters with a certain degree of accuracy, particularly those resulting in multiple fatalities4. This is supported by accounts and reports showing a sudden presence of SCP-2901 within the vicinity of the disaster area, usually within a month or week before it occurs.

During this period, many SCP-2901 will claim rights to the area resulting in altercations with other SCP-2901; sometimes including human bystanders being mistaken as threats. During these aggressive territorial behaviors, SCP-2901 are able to change their physical shape into a large nebulous-like body as a threat display. After the disaster event occurs, the remaining SCP-2901 will take part in feeding off the deceased in a frenzy-like behavior until the food source is depleted; vacating once satiated.

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